About us

Created in 2009, Medicis Consult is a consulting firm specialized in medical staffing. Our activity consists in creating value for profiles of European MDs and paramedical staff who wish to work in France (or Belgium) and who have a genuine project of settlement abroad.


Countries of the European Community are indeed, by their tradition and the richness of their academic system, reliable sources of healthcare professionals. In addition, the 2005-36-CE European Directive  facilitates the recognition of qualifications and opens the right to practice for MDs & paramedical staff who are members of the EU and are willing to work in France.

It is in this climate of total freedom of movement and work for European MDs and paramedical staff that Medicis Consult aims to respond to a double need:

  1. The growing interest of European healthcare professionals willing to practice their job in a modern, successful and humane healthcare system

  2. A real need for medical and paramedical staff in the entire French medical field


Our mission is therefore, first of all, to offer candidates a real professional project and a guaranteed support throughout their administrative formalities in France, and, second, to provide our customers (teaching hospitals, general hospitals, clinics, city councils, occupational medicine centers, health centers…) with qualified profiles in terms of medical expertise and French practice, but also professionals with a real desire to integrate the French healthcare system.

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Founder – Associate Director

With a PhD in Philosophy and an Executive Master from the ESSEC Business School, Jérôme worked for more than 10 years in the communication & digital recruitment field as well as for online media, in various companies and as a freelance consultant. He taught for several years at the University of Marne-la-Vallée and the University of Bobigny and in various communication & business schools in Paris.
In 2009, he founded MEDICIS CONSULT where he currently holds the position of Associate Director.
Jérôme speaks fluent French and English.

Madalina CODICA
Madalina CODICA

Founder – Associate Director

Madalina is a graduate of the Universities of Iasi (Romania), with a Master’s degree in Philology and of Paris-La Sorbonne and Nanterre, where she obtained a Master’s degree in "Information Science and Communication". In 2008-2009, she has worked for 6 months for the healthcare division of Rivière Consulting, during her end-of-studies internship, before founding Medicis Consult, in 2009, where she holds today the position of Associate Director in charge of recruitment.
Madalina is fluent in Romanian and French.



Bruno is a physician specialized in psychiatry. His experience as an office-based specialist led him to the development of many innovative projects. Founder of several outpatient clinics, he set the basis for future nursing homes, he also founded and directed several day hospitals for adults / adolescents and children and a crisis center for adolescents. Bruno was the Director of several social healthcare institutions and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of a private healthcare group for 10 years. He joined the public healthcare system in the context of the HPST law as a hospital clinician. With an Executive Master of the ESSEC Business School, he created and managed numerous consulting and expertise firms in the medical field. He joined the Medicis Consult team as a partner in 2012.
Bruno speaks fluent French and German.


Recruitment Officer

Irina has a Master's degree in "Political Science" from the Faculty of Law in Sibiu (Romania), a Master’s degree in "Political Science" from the University of Rennes 1 and a Master’s degree in "Language and International Trade" at the University of Rennes 2. She worked in the Department of Economic Affairs in the Embassy of Romania in Paris and occupied the position of HR Assistant within the CROUS in Paris. She joined Medicis Consult in 2012, where she holds the position of Recruitment Officer in charge of Italy and Romania.

Irina is fluent in Romanian, French and Italian.



Cristina graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Sibiu (Romania) in "Political Science". She worked in Valencia (Spain) for 8 years as a teacher for children with learning difficulties.
She joined the team of Medicis Consult in November 2013 and holds the position of Recruiter in charge of Spain.
Cristina is fluent in Romanian, Spanish & English.

Ludivine HITIER

Business Development Manager

Ludivine graduated with a BA in Art History from the University of Clermont-Ferrand (France). She worked for ten years in the business development area, in various sectors, adopting an approach resolutely focused on customers support with a performance perspective.

To the same end, she then turns to the consulting and medical recruitment industry, working both for healthcare institutions and local communities, and joined the Rivière Consulting’s company for two years as a business development consultant.

In 2015, she joined the Medicis Consult team where she holds the position of Business Development Manager.


Designed as a human-sized company, Medicis Consult favors a direct contact with candidates and displays a resolutely qualitative objective : « Reconciling personal fulfillment of MDs and the performance of healthcare facilities ».

We only select MDs and paramedical staff with a level of operational French and who are determined on the idea of moving to France, if need be, with their families.

Particular attention is paid to the criteria announced both by candidates and healthcare facilities, so that the profiles we offer are a perfect match to the real needs of healthcare facilities and to candidates’ desires – which remains the pledge of successful integration.

Our recruitment officers (native of the candidates’ countries) directly contact MDs interested in a career in France, qualify applications (control qualifications, skills and level of language), and monitor these applications while accompanying MDs throughout the recruitment and integration process.

We organize the logistics of individual interviews in the various healthcare facilities (transports, hosting, connections, etc.) in order to validate the suitability of the candidates for the mission and the environment offered.

Finally, we provide support to candidates with their paperwork (registration with the French College of Physicians), as well as a 6 months follow-up after appointment in the position.


The will of Medicis Consult is to find the perfect match between MD candidates and healthcare institutions / local authorities, in the full respect of each of the parties and in accordance with the rules of ethics and deontology which are mandatory in this activity, where people will always hold a prominent place.

Therefore we set up a “Professional Code of Ethics” that we strive to respect to the letter everyday.

Professional Code of Ethics

Obligation of Means

The activity of the Cabinet is subject to an obligation of means. The Cabinet is bound to implement all the means contractually agreed upon to maximize the success of the mission. The ultimate success is based on a relationship of mutual trust and transparency between the healthcare facility or the local community and the Cabinet.

Clarity & Transparency

Medicis Consult operates on the basis of a written proposal that rephrases the needs of the healthcare facility, defines the content and the terms of engagement (entrusted exclusively), and specifies the contractual conditions. Candidates are also advised accurately about offers that are available and they make an aware and free decision.

Respect & equity

The Cabinet is committed to building relationships having the same level of quality, in terms of trust, transparency, and confidentiality, both with the potential or declared candidates, and the healthcare facilities.

Quality & Professionalism

Medicis Consult only accepts missions considered, in good conscience, matching the Cabinet’s skills. On the other hand, the Cabinet only accepts those candidates with the qualifications required by the European legislation, having a genuine desire to settle in France and a satisfying level of French.


Medicis Consult submits to an agreement of confidentiality, trust and transparency and shall not use the information exchanged for other purposes than those aiming at the success of the mission.


Medicis Consult keeps its interlocutors (health institutions, local authorities and candidates) informed of the progress of the mission. It gives the healthcare facility an oral or written accurate return of the retained candidates’ evaluation. It also commits to provide to applicants who request it a comprehensive restitution, rather oral or written, that does not differ from their evaluation. It helps both the candidate and the recruiters to reach a mutual understanding of all elements conducting to their decision.


Consult Medicis will not, in any case, receive compensation (of any nature) from the candidates, may they be declared or potential.

Compliance with laws and regulations

Medicis Consult operates in respect of fundamental rights of the human person. It is, in particular, respectful of the private life and does not practice any form of ethnic, social, trade union, sexual, political, religious, age, or disability discrimination.


Medicis Consult observes the rules of fair competition in the respect of its colleagues.